My style is client centered and I specialize in the work of trauma treatment and recovery. Trauma can be disturbing life events and human made or natural disasters. I have experience working with clients who identify as queer, polyamorous, and LGBTQ. Puedo hacer consejería en Español o bilingüe. I utilize an empowerment model with an emphasis on strengths perspective and social justice framework.

Some of the challenges I can help you with are:

  • Trauma caused by large and small events
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms
  • Feeling stuck
  • Anxiety and persistent worry
  • Depression
  • Dealing with stress and adjustments
  • Stress related around intersection of different identities
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Navigating difficult life transitions
  • Coping with loss

If you’d like to speak further, have questions or wish to arrange an appointment, please email or call (972) 591-3507 or click here

Ofrecemos terapia en Español y bilingue