EMDR Consultations

I offer both group and individual consultation. During consultations, we will go over cases and solidify the integration and application of the 8-phases of EMDR therapy. Sessions will include case presentations and discussions. I emphasize the importance of cultural considerations, inclusion, community, and diversity.

I provide consultation around the use of EMDR via Telehealth and the use of EMDR therapy in brief therapeutic models.

I provide consultation to Non-profit organizations, group practices, and individual clinicians around ways to accommodate their protocols and procedures to include EMDR therapy in their structure utilizing an intercultural approach and brief therapy model (if needed).


I provide consultation to EMDR clinicians during their different stages of professional development. I provide online consultation through Zoom. I offer four levels of consultation (group or individual in English and Spanish):

1. Consultation that is required for the Basic Training – a total of 10 hours are required by EMDRIA (This has to be approved by your basic training provider. Please contact me for more information).
2. Consultation for EMDRIA certification– a total of 20 hours are required by EMDRIA
3. Consultation to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant
4. Consultation specific to your EMDR practice

Podemos tener consultas en Español o bilingüe con enfasis en sus clientes que sean Latinx.

Group consultation

I have groups of consultation on Saturdays from 9:30a.m. to 11:30a.m. The purpose of the group is to assist participants in their full engagement with the AIP model, case conceptualization, and treatment with EMDR therapy in different clinical contexts.

If you’d like to speak further, have questions or wish to arrange an appointment, please email vivianaurdaneta@outlook.com or call (972) 591-3507 or click here