EMDR Consultations


I can provide consultation to EMDR clinicians during their different stages of professional development. I provide face-to-face consultations in Oakland, CA. Also, I provide Skype and web-based consultation. I offer four levels of consultation (group or individual in English and Spanish):

1. Consultation that is required for the Basic Training – a total of 10 hours are required by EMDRIA (This has to be approved by your basic training provider. Please contact me for more information).
2. Consultation for EMDRIA certification– a total of 20 hours are required by EMDRIA
3. Consultation to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant
4. Consultation specific to your EMDR practice

Podemos tener consultas en Español o bilingüe con enfasis en sus clientes que sean Latinx.

If you’d like to speak further, have questions or wish to arrange an appointment, please email vivianaurdaneta@outlook.com or call (972) 591-3507 or click here